Do you want to prevent neck or shoulders pain? Or simply have outstanding posture?

HailiCare™ is a product that is extremely helpful for those that are hunched over a desk at work,  for gamers, athletes with rounded shoulders or anyone who experience any type of shoulder, back , neck pains.

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"HailiCare The greatest pain reliever I have ever experienced." 

Julius Luis - Fitness trainer, Washington DC

It's more serious than you might think.

You know that bad posture doesn’t look all that great, but did you know that it can actually have a negative impact on your health? Well, you should listen to your chiropractor! Part of chiropractic philosophy is that the subluxations in your spine can impact your entire body. This is why chiropractic care in conjunction with your own mindfulness about your body and how you feel is vital. Most usual problems due to bad posture:

Headaches and Jaw Pain

When your posture is poor you may spend a lot of time leaning forward and this makes it more likely that you are going to clench your jaw. When your jaw clenches it causes the muscles in your face to tighten and this can result in headaches and jaw pain. Not to mention if you clench your jaw a lot it can wear down your jaw joint, which can lead to even bigger problems. -

Lung Function

Poor posture can actually impact how much air you can take into your lungs when you breathe. It makes perfect sense when you think about it that hunching forward or leaning can have a negative influence on your lung function. What is most disturbing about this side effect is that when your lungs aren’t functioning to their fullest potential then your heart and brain, as well as other vital organs, doesn’t get the oxygen they need. This can cause poor cognitive function and shortness of breath, or even worse heart and vascular disease! -

Gastrointestinal Issues

Your intestines perform their own, very complicated, dance daily in order to move food through and get you the nutrition your body needs. If you have poor posture it can actually impact the movement of your intestines, so your gastrointestinal system may not function as well as it could..

Back and Shoulder Pain

This is one of the most obvious side effects of poor posture! The slouching involved with poor posture can lead to pain in tension in your shoulders and upper back and can even permanently lead to a hump! Of course, overcorrecting for your posture can have consequences as well. When you pull your shoulders too far back this can cause your muscles to tense and lead to stiffness.

The PERFECT device to stay healthier and stronger than ever before.

HailiCare™ is the enough device to keep you going. If you struggle with poor posture, rounded shoulders, or slouch, our posture corrector is a must. It is made to fit comfortably on both female and male physiques. It anchors against your upper back and pulls your shoulders back into alignment relieving stress in your neck.  Forget the unnecessary pain and face your daily challenges with ease. We offer you to fix your posture and overworking over at desk problems cheaper and easier than ever.


What others like you thinks about this product

"I sit next to my pc almost all day everyday, it's my job and my hobby. I know it's unhealthy, and when you hit that unhealthy level when you no longer can sit you try to look for shortcuts. I tried to fix my posture and my problems by my self by looking to videos and consulting doctor and I can say that it helped.. But not on the level I wanted. I bought this corrector to try it out and give it a chance. AND THIS WAS MY BEST SHOT I COULD EVER MAKE! Its so easy to sit next to my pc all day and not feel pain in my shoulder blades! I cannot recommend this product more, try it and feel it yourself how magical this product is!."

-Lisa G.

Instagram Influencer 

"This product helped with my performance big time. And by big time I mean very big. I'm professional athlete and I'm giving hard time to my back and shoulders due to immense training, however I always try to stretch and bend my back muscles but it doesn't always helps. This product indeed helped me a lot, it's easy to stretch and forget but once this corrector starts to remind me about my posture my brains starts to follow.. Now I no longer need this device, because my posture is in very good condition.I can admit that bad posture causes more problems than you might think of but to change is never too late.  Stay strong! "

-Joseph W Buchan

Personal Trainer, Professional Athlete

"Now we have very busy time so I have to walk a lot, I'm being an alien to my body, but I have no other choice. I started to feel pain in my back, I understood that this is because of my unusual routine. I couldn't handle the pain I was experiencing so I decided to give it a try to this product. I can't really compare to other methods because I never tried nothing else, but this one worked perfectly! I no longer feel the pain, I keep it on my shoulders all day long and it doesn't give me any comfort, plus it's not visible through my shirt! I love it. I'm very happy with this product I and strongly recommend it to everyone who experiences back pains !"

-Elizabeth Fitherald

Project Manager

One size for everyone!

One size fits all. If your chest size is from 28 to 48 inch this product is perfect for you! 

Lightweight, breathable! 

Forget that you even wearing it! Our product is made from super breathable materials so it will not cause any discomfort. Plus it's almost invisible through shirts!

Try it yourself!

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Privacy Policy: Your Information is 100% Secure.

Ships from: US

Shipping time to US: 2-9 business days 

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